Welcome to RotariansConnectD5300.com:   Opened Officially 7/1/13  (beta).

What is RotariansConnectD5300 and why is it important to Rotary and Rotarians?

This Web Site does it all: Increase Club Membership, Fundraising, Increase sales, Discount Purchases, Public Relations, Advertising and more!


RotariansConnectD5300.com was developed in this spirit to tap 21st century technology and the global communication connection power of the Internet to allow Rotarians to connect, and conduct business with like-minded Rotarians around the world. All transactions are conducted between the Rotarians and this web site does not get involved in any transactions.

This web site is user friendly and does NOT require any complicated or technical skills to participate.  Enjoy! 

RotariansConnectD5300.com is for the exclusive use of Rotarians that are in good standing within their club and have been a Rotarian for a minimum of four (4) months. A password is required to view all buyers and sellers for all Rotarians worldwide. If you are a Rotarian, please click here to obtain a password, this service is FREE for you to view all buyers and sellers worldwide.

Rotarians creating business with other Rotarians... what could be better and simultaneously funding many items of Rotary.

Be the first in your club, not the last, to enjoy all the benefits of being a buyer and/or a seller of any services or products you as a Rotarian may need or want. This is a place to view buyers and sellers while simultaneously enjoy the safety of working with fellow Rotarians from your own city, state, country or worldwide. RotariansConnectD5300.com.

RotariansConnectD5300.com started as a web site a few years ago called RotariansConnect.com. Rotary International (Rotary.org) contacted this site June 2, 2013, and explained because of trademark rules, we had to add D5300 to the name of the web site to be within compliance of their rules.

“The addition of D5300 will meet the RI Board of Directors policies regarding the use of the Rotary marks. On behalf of RI, our appreciation goes to you and the leadership of D5300 for your cooperation and making these changes. Best Rotary Regards, Jim Damato, Supervisor Club and District Support, The Americas Rotary International Evanston, Illinois" June 18, 2013

As all Rotarians know, it usually takes money and effort to solve many of the world’s problems. No matter how passionate you are about Rotary, it still takes money in most cases to make a difference. Whether you are retired, just starting a profession or a seasoned business person, RotariansConnect allows Rotarians to expand their ability to help others while buying and selling items / services with other Rotarians. Rotarians doing business with other Rotarians only create more money they can use to help themselves and others.

The FACTS: Daily all Rotarians buy or sell something, why not conduct these transactions with other Rotarians? Even a retired person buys many items each year and a Rotarian should try to buy those items / services from another Rotarian. For example, almost all people buy items in the following general categories, why not buy them from a Rotarian . . . you buy insurance, food, clothing, gifts, travel, automotive, medical, household supplies, repairs, pet supplies, Internet, furnishings, health, entertainment, vitamins, appliances, personals, beauty, finance, media, cosmetics, cleaning, supplements, computer, recreational, jewelry, equipment, electronics, printing, medicine, professional services, tools, legal, accounting, personal care, transportation and a myriad of other categories, And the reverse of the above is also true, if you sell any product or service, why not sell it to a fellow Rotarian? Join RotariansConnectD5300 today and make more money for yourself and help many avenues of Rotary simultaneously.

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